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If you're planning to organise a stag do in Germany - start here.

We are a Berlin based event agency and have a bunch of ideas help to get your stag do going.

Our activities and packages will make your stag weekend a memorable experience.

In 2015 we arranged events and stag weekend packages for over 10000+ people in Germany and Europe.



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Berlin stag do

Berlin stag weekend


Cologne stag do

Cologne stag weekend


Dusseldorf stag do

Dusseldorf stag weekend




Hamburg stag do

Hamburg stag weekend


Munich stag do

Munich stag weekend


Stuttgart stag do

Stuttgart stag weekend


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Adrenalin City stag do reviews


"We had a great weekend. We had a lot of fun. Our Guide Mary was Top. She was very open and enthusiastic and selected very nice bars to start our evening. Strip club and Club was also well arranged. The carting was nice as well, but we needed to discuss a little bit to get the qualifying and race option. They wanted to give us only the 35min training option."

Wouter Van Thienen - Berlin October 2016


"Thanks for your email - we had a great time. Just a few points for you to consider:

Beer-hall - Tina was lovely. However, we were a group of 14 guys on a drinking tour - perhaps we could have been given a guide that was slightly louder and more suitable for this sort of group. Tina was quite quiet and didn't seem so comfortable in a group of so many people. The beer-halls were not very welcoming of our type of group. Perhaps they should be given some advance warning when stag groups are planning on arriving. 

Rafting - We absolutely loved the rafting and had a fantastic time. Simon, the guide, was particularly friendly and enhanced our trip. We had an issue in finding the starting point. 3 individual taxis could not find the correct location so I would suggest getting this trip to start from somewhere more known so that other groups do not have to wonder the streets like we did trying to find it. Luckily, Simon waited for us and we started our trip a little later than planned."

Jeremy Livingston - Cologne August 2016


"We had a great weekend and the organisation from Adrenalin was excellent. There were no problems with any of the activities.

We thought the spa was amazing. We were surprised it was nudist, so you may wish to inform others of this in advance in case anyone has a problem with it. We didn't! The hotel was great too. The option for 2 pm checkout was very good and something you could mention to

prospective customers. The only negative I heard from any of our group was that one of the taxis (the four seater) on the way from the spa to the football charged the people for the journey as they didn't know I had already paid. All in all an amazing weekend and I am very pleased I booked with Adrenalin City. I would recommend Adrenalin to anyone planning a similar trip."

Alex Southall - Berlin May 2016


"I'd be more than happy to provide feedback. We had a great time and the service we received from yourselves was flawless.

The tickets to Hertha v Hannover were waiting for us at our accommodation (thank you for that) and the bubble football was fantastic.

The transport was on time, our host was great, there was a bar and the sun was out!! We had a really good time and all the lads loved it.

Thank you very much for helping us have a great time in your amazing city & country."
Adrian G. Miller - Berlin April 2016


"We had a great weekend and I was very satisfied with the service provided. The group enjoyed the bar we went to on Friday night and our guide was informative and friendly. The strip club is self-explanatory, once the lads saw a b00bbie or two they would be happy :p !!

The Karting I felt was very well organised. Our transport was on time and understood the logistics of getting 25 lads moving on an early Saturday morning. The Karting experience itself was very well recv’d the lads were able to let off some steam and get a few laughs going for the night ahead. I would definitely recommend Adrenalin City to friends looking to organize a stag party or event in any city affiliated with the group."

Shaun Geoghegan - Munich February 2016


 "We had a fantastic time in Berlin and it was all down to Adrenalin City and your prompt service. From start to finish the service was brilliant whether it was via email or via text the responses were prompt. The excursions we picked Go Karting was brilliant staff there once again were very helpful and the transfers were prompt and on time too. The steak and strip again was brilliant. Everyone enjoyed the dance especially the stag. Maria our guide was brilliant too. Everyone was impressed with her and having conversations with her. The VIP entries too were brilliant really made the stag feel important. Overall we would defiantly give Adrenalin City at 10/10. Thanks once again Steffi."
Peter Clarke - Berlin February 2016


"We had a great time. All activities were well run and organised well! I have recommended you to some friends who are coming over in may!"

Gregg Slater - Berlin February 2016


"All was handled well and the beerhall especially was fantastic. Give my special thanks to Steffi who was great in helping me throughout and very patient. She done a great job."

Kevin Gallagher - Munich February 2016


"Yep all went well thanks and the go karting was good. One slight negative was that we were a couple of people short (and had obviously paid upfront ) and we had to split into two groups to do it, but they wouldn't let the stag go with the second group as well despite the fact we'd paid for extra people. That aside all was good. Thanks would definitely use you guys again."

John Fell - Berlin February 2016


"Happy to provide some comments. Overall it was a very pleasant and easy experience. Both the drivers and guide to the Steak and T**s were

really relaxed, which was appreciated as it wasn't easy trying to organize 10 guys! The bouncers at the at first told us we weren't on the

list but I just told them that wasn't right and eventually they let us in. What a city!  I'll be back for sure. Thanks."

Evan Davies - Berlin January 2016


"The beer coach was an excellent experience. The guide, Mary was exceptional!!! Informative, very friendly, polite and generally great fun!!!

The beer coach was also made excellent by the very good sound system on board. I understand Mary was asked by the owners of the

Restaurant to attend the evening. I assume this is for keeping an eye on us both for guidance and to tame any loud behaviour etc.

I understand this. However our behaviour was pretty good. A little loud at times but we had no comments made to us from anyone.

Many thanks for your guidance"

Daniel Benham - Berlin November 2015



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