AR15 / M4 Shooting


Shooting is an awesome activity, partly because you cannot do this back home and also because the gun range is excellent. You will shoot 30 bullets pp with an AR15 / M4 and Glock 17 at stationary targets. Compete against your mates to see who’s the best.

– Professional instructor
– 10 shots pp pistol Glock 17 calibre 9mm Luger
– 20 shots pp Cugir AR15 / M4 caliber .223 Rem.

Cost pp from €75.00 / £65.00

add more bullets
add other arms to your package and pay at the shooting range


Add two-way transfer from your city centre accommodation for additional cost.
The shooting range is located 60 minutes travel time from Munich central station.
Bring your passport or ID.
You must be sober for this event.
Minimum group size is 8.




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