Joey – Dusseldorf 05/2024
We really had a good time.
So everything was fine.
Joey van den Broek
Dusseldorf | May 2024
Eero Hautaniemi – Hamburg 04/2024
Very well organised event!
Eero Hautaniemi
Hamburg | April 2024
Adrien Chateau – Hamburg 04/2024

All went very well. Explanation and maps were very helpful and we had no issue and had a great time.
Bus driver was very nice and boat driver also. We really enjoyed this.
Adrien Chateau
Hamburg | April 2024

Scott Smart – Berlin 03/2024

We had a great time, transfers to and from the airport were good and the Beer bike was a great success as well. Thanks for getting in touch, if we are back in Berlin I will contact Adrenalin City for information. Thanks Scott.
Scott Smart
Berlin | March 2024