The Beer Bike is a unique way to drink chilled beer while riding a party bike. This big bar on wheels is equipped with comfy chairs, bar on board with draft beer and audio system. The maximum capacity varied from location to location (from 13 up to 17 people).  Have a cracking time with your friends while riding a Beer Bike through the city centre streets.

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The Conference Beer Bike is a 7 seater bike (6 guests + sober driver). Enjoy a city centre tour with some chilled beers or other beverages. Have a great time with your friends while pedaling on this awesome bike.

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Rory – Berlin 06/2024

We had a fantastic time, Axel was hilarious and very entertaining tour guide – the exact kind of guy you need leading these kind of things. Knew his history, lot of fun, slightly crazy. We had a lot of fun.
Rory Stewart
Berlin | June 2024

Kenny – Cologne 05/2024

It was great. We had so much fun. There was a slight panic when our reservation could not be found at the lasertag arena, but that was quickly resolved when I presented the exact itinerary details based on time, group size and the amount of sessions. Would use your services again 🙂
Kenny Kerremans
Cologne | May 2024

Joey – Dusseldorf 05/2024
We really had a good time.
So everything was fine.
Joey van den Broek
Dusseldorf | May 2024
Eero Hautaniemi – Hamburg 04/2024
Very well organised event!
Eero Hautaniemi
Hamburg | April 2024