The Beer Bike is a unique way to drink chilled beer while riding a party bike. This big bar on wheels is equipped with comfy chairs, bar on board with draft beer and audio system. The maximum capacity varied from location to location (from 13 up to 17 people).  Have a cracking time with your friends while riding a Beer Bike through the city centre streets.

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The Conference Beer Bike is a 7 seater bike (6 guests + sober driver). Enjoy a city centre tour with some chilled beers or other beverages. Have a great time with your friends while pedaling on this awesome bike.

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Oliver Rae – Munich 01/2024

Sorry for the late reply. Was absolutely awesome! Michael was a hell of a guide, very thorough and knowledgeable and friendly. Will give him a great review once my trip is over.
Oliver Rae
Munich | January 2024

Lewis MacLean – Dusseldorf 09/2023

All went well. We were a little late due to missing the train however our guide was very easy to deal with and waited for us to arrive with no issues. He kept in contact via telephone which was appreciated. Thanks for great service.
Lewis MacLean
Dusseldorf | September 2023

Andy Blankley – Berlin July 2023
The weekend was brilliant. Fridays events definitely exceeded our expectations. The staff who we met too were very nice and accommodating. Everyone enjoyed the boat. The scenery was very good.
There wasn’t really any negatives, only from our side that the time to get to the boat from the accommodation was a bit tight due to flight delays. It would be good if the locations of the events could be on the website. But overall, very happy with both days. Thanks very much for the help on this.
Andy Blankley
Berlin | July 2023
Ryan Flett – Munich July 2023

We had an excellent time, both our riders were extremely friendly and the whole group thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ryan Flett
Munich | July 2023