The Beer Bike is a unique way to drink chilled beer while riding a party bike. This big bar on wheels is equipped with comfy chairs, bar on board with draft beer and audio system. The maximum capacity varied from location to location (from 13 up to 17 people).  Have a cracking time with your friends while riding a Beer Bike through the city centre streets.

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The Sporty Beer Bike is a great way to drink beer or other beverages while riding a group bike. This special bike is equipped with comfy chairs, cold beer and audio system. The maximum capacity is 9 people + sober driver. 

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The Conference Beer Bike is a 7 seater bike (6 guests + sober driver). Enjoy a city centre tour with some chilled beers or other beverages. Have a great time with your friends while pedaling on this awesome bike.

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Benjamin W.-S. – Hamburg October 2020

Sorry for my slow reply, Firstly, thanks very much for your assistance for organising the stag, it was everything we asked for and more. The stag would not have happened without you!
Party Bus – Was great, had extra beers which were great, the stripper was a nice surprise (For the stag) and nice that it comes halfway through so a surprise for the stag.
Party Boat – The stripper must be famous! As prior to leaving London I mentioned it to a friend and he described our stripper and said she was amazing and indeed she was. A lot of the time strippers are in and out and don’t do a great show. The stripper on the boat was one of the best I have seen in regards to the show and time taken. The boat tour was fine but we weren’t there for that view!.
Hamburg overall a great city and welcomed us with open arms even in these uncertain times. An 11 pm curfew came into play on Saturday but to be honest with the 4 am the night before and all-day drinking the stag was ready for bed.
Overall a great success and thanks to you. I will indeed pass along your details to any friends looking to do a stag in Germany and hopefully we can use your services again. I will leave google review also for you. Thanks again.
Benjamin W.-S.
Hamburg – October 2020

Gemma Louise

The shooting was great thank you so much it was the highlight of our Berlin break tbh and when we do return we’ll be sure to book with you again I’ll also recommend you to people who have been asking after seeing our photos/videos 😌
Gemma Louise
Berlin – October 2020

Giuseppe Parrino – Cologne

Yes thanks, it was good and we spent nice time in Koln.
Giuseppe Parrino
Cologne – March 2020

Lizzy Mercer – Hamburg

Really well
Thankyou ,
very good driver !
Lizzy Mercer
Hamburg – December 2019